Landing pages are the gateway to growth. They prompt visitors to take valuable actions, with the goal of converting anonymous users into leads. But in order to entice users to act, it’s critical to ensure your landing pages are highly relevant and engaging. By keeping your visitors interested in your content and expertise, you’ll encourage them to click and convert.

One key ingredient to a high-converting landing page is an engaging design. The look and feel of your page needs to draw users in and support your main call-to-action. While you always have the option to build your landing pages from scratch, many marketing platforms offer templates to help you get started.

HubSpot’s marketplace has become the go-to platform for businesses to develop their marketing initiatives. In fact, HubSpot holds the highest market share over other marketing automation platforms at 16%. While HubSpot offers a huge selection of landing page templates, the endless sea of options can drown even the most adept marketer. So, we’ve done the work for you.

Here are four HubSpot landing page templates every legal marketer should consider:

Law Canopy Lander 2

$200 template

law canopy

As a template designed specifically for legal services, this one’s at the top of our list. With its clutter-free design, clean text, and diluted colors, this template will guide your users on a seamless journey to conversion. While the “Try It Now” call-to-action might not be applicable for your offer, the content can change depending on what your firm is offering, such as “Request a Free Consultation.”

The CTA is above the fold but carries over below the fold in a more descriptive section with a bold accent color. This is an effective way to allow the reader to learn more without losing sight of the CTA, making it more likely that they’ll take action.


Free template

invest template

Just like the first template, “Invest” has a simple and clean design, but the image in this template is its key differentiator. Bold images captivate your viewers the second they land on your page. In fact, adding an image of a person to the landing page boosts conversions by 48%.

Therefore, you can use the image space on this page to spotlight your attorneys and familiarize your audience with their faces. For example, you could insert an image of one of your attorneys looking from their work or speaking in a meeting. Just ensure the direction of the person’s head and eyes are looking toward the contact form, rather than straight ahead at the viewer. It will keep the focal point of the page on the lead capture form, rather than the imagery. By following these best practices and keeping your image relevant to the content on the page, you’ll be one step closer to another conversion.


Free template

Inspire landing page


This template follows the path of simplicity but is lengthier than others, allowing you to tell a story. Above the fold, there is ample space to include your value proposition, allowing your firm to highlight your key service offerings and explain how you can help your prospects with their legal decisions.

As you continue to scroll down the page, you’ll see a section devoted to past client reviews and testimonials, as well as logos of previous clients you’ve worked with. This type of social proof is an effective tactic to help boost your credibility and establish trust with your viewers. In fact, customer testimonials are considered the most effective content marketing tactic of B2B marketers at 89%. They validate the work your firm has done in the past and establish trust with prospective clients. A template like this one is effective in showcasing your brand story, positioning your firm as an industry leader, and giving viewers the insight they’re looking for.

Lead Generation Landing Page Three

$149 template

Mockup of consulting website homepage


Bold accents make a landing page captivating. Every facet of this design makes the key messaging and CTA stand out. Therefore, you should apply one of your brand’s non-dominant colors to the CTA. This will ensure that your CTA pops on the page and keeps your user hyper-focused on the button. In fact, contrasting your CTA color from the rest of the page will increase conversion rates by more than 200%.

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Similar to the coloring and design, the value proposition on the left leaves room to write a strong heading, with a sub heading that dives deeper into benefits of your offer. Once you reach the bottom, the same sub header message can be reiterated to complement the final call to action. By keeping your viewers hyper-focused on the content and captivated by design, they’ll stay motivated throughout their experience on your landing page.

A Word on Hyperlinking

One final tip – avoid hyperlinking your logo on your landing pages. The goal of your landing page is to get users to fill out the form and take advantage of your offer. Hyperlinking your logo would only make them gravitate to your homepage, which means they’ll be less likely to convert.

The same recommendation carries over for social and navigation links. It’s best to keep them off of your landing pages. According to a recent study, HubSpot tested landing pages with and without links. They found a 100% increase in signups when links were removed. Offering clickable navigation and social links brings users on a completely different digital journey – meaning they’re less likely to convert.


Landing pages are critical to the growth of your legal firm. But without a sophisticated design and clear calls-to-action, your firm will be challenged to keep prospects interested, engaged, and converting.

HubSpot’s landing page marketplace is chock-full of templates meant to help you optimize your digital presence. By using these suggested templates and the best practices within each, you’ll be one step closer to converting strangers into clients.

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