The higher ed landscape is constantly changing. This can make it difficult for higher education marketers to keep up with the trends and policies they need to know. Luckily, there’s no shortage of resources when it comes to this information. One of the fastest ways to gather this news is straight from industry leaders themselves. We’ve put together a list of some of the most insightful higher ed leaders on Twitter so you can keep up with what they have to say:


Karine Joly


Founder and Director at, Karine Joly is a web marketing professional. She has more than ten years of experience in content marketing and marketing strategy in higher education - and her Twitter feed reflects this. For example, Joly tweets her weekly newsletter, which covers best practices for analytics and branding in higher education. One of her most recent newsletters explains the benefits of using Instagram highlights on your higher education Instagram account. Joly is also a professor and teaches an eight-week online course on social media marketing for higher education. With her vast knowledge and expertise in higher ed marketing, she is a must-follow on Twitter!


Emily Cretella


Emily Cretella is the owner of Cursive Content Marketing, which provides consulting, copywriting and workshops to independent schools and higher education institutions. As her LinkedIn states, it’s a “clever little content marketing studio solely focused on helping school marketers create and share awesome content that makes people take action.” Emily posts plenty of original content, with titles such as “How to Conduct a Competitive Analysis for Your School Blog” and “3 Tips for Writing About Your School’s Academics.”


William Faust


William Faust is a self-proclaimed higher education research and strategy nerd. Fraust has had a lifelong passion for brand strategy, messaging and story development. He is also a Senior Partner at Ologie, a branding and marketing agency that helps purpose-driven organizations discover their authentic story. Although Ologie as a company is not focused on higher education, Faust is. His Twitter feed is full of posts about how colleges around the nation can appeal to students and build their brand online.


Joshua Dodson


Joshua Dodson knows higher education. As Bentley University’s Director of Digital Marketing, an AVP of digital marketing, a web analytics strategist, a co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer of a higher education marketing firm, and a professor, Joshua is clearly an authority on higher ed. Dodson has delivered more than 20 presentations, keynotes and workshops at national higher education marketing conferences and has taught more than 500 students as a higher ed expert. He fills his Twitter with links to valuable conferences, news in education and his own take on the higher education landscape.


Rebecca Frost Davis


Rebecca Frost Davis is known for tweeting about digital humanities in the undergraduate curriculum and liberal arts colleges. Davis joined St. Edward’s University in 2013 as Director of Instructional and Emerging Technology, where she helps to develop an institutional vision with the use of technology in pursuit of the university educational mission. Her work helps to transform digital methods in teaching and research to advance the learning outcomes of universities. Davis’s Twitter feed is full of original articles, such as an overview of her thoughts on her recent visit to Endicott College.   


The higher education marketing world is fast-paced, constantly changing, and hard to keep up with. These higher ed professionals cover everything from the latest news articles to upcoming conferences on their Twitter feeds. With thousands of higher education marketers to follow on Twitter, these five are a great start to keep you updated on industry news and trends.

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