The Boston Interactive name has served us well over the years. From a legion of employees and alumni to hundreds of project launches, we’re hardly the same agency we were two decades ago. As Boston Interactive we’ve successfully: 

  • Wrote over 1,000,000,000 lines of code 
  • Launched over 750 websites 
  • Partnered with more than 300 clients 
  • Composed nearly 250 blog posts 
  • Won 50 industry awards 
  • Hosted 40 educational webinars 
  • Taught 30 lunch and learns 
  • Gifted 2 Mini Coopers to long-time employees 

While we’ve experienced much success under the “BI” name, we’ve also significantly evolved since its adoption, adding additional services to our offerings. In addition to website design and development, we now offer content marketing, search engine optimization, marketing automation, influencer marketing and analytics. As we continue to expand our services and look to the future of “digital,” the interactive name no longer reflects the totality of our offer. 

In light of this evolution, we’re proud to announce that we are now Boston Digital


This rebrand comes at an exciting time for our agency, as we expand our leadership team and place an equal focus on both our digital and web design services. 

In conjunction with this name change comes a new logo that fully reflects the values and personality of our agency. The “Boston” piece remains blue, mirroring the stability and consistency of our agency over time. “Digital,” on the other hand, is a bold orange, which is a nod to our innovative nature and startup culture. 

The logo mark has also evolved from a square to an arrow. This new mark signifies Boston Digital’s forward-thinking nature and commitment to moving forward, together. 

While our name and logo have changed, our beliefs have not. We still believe that digital excellence starts with a world-class website at the core, defining the brand, and acting as an epicenter for customers, partners and influencers. Digital marketing then works to elevate the digital experience, delivering it to the right people at the right time to incite action. 

Along with our new name, we’re also launching a defining frame of mind – the Digital Mojo vision.  

Digital Mojo is that special something that sets a brand apart. It’s the lens that all experiences, content and creative are developed through, ultimately connecting brands to the people who need them most. Our team is talented at helping brands to find their Digital Mojo and amplifying that across digital channels.  

With our new name and frame of mind, we are just as committed as we always have been to delivering world-class digital experiences and exceptional results for our clients. We’re excited to embark on this journey with you as we continue to evolve and provide top-notch digital services. 

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