Ideally, you walk out of a business meeting with a clear understanding of responsibilities, set deadlines, and team members who are motivated for an upcoming project. While this is the goal, it isn’t always the outcome. Maybe your team members have poor time management, leadership is delegated to the wrong person, or everyone is uninspired by the task at hand. No matter what the challenge is, it is crucial to form a team with individuals who are productive, cohesive, and ready to succeed.

Building a team is the easy part. Building a team that is aligned and excited is the hard part. But lucky for you, there are many ways you can build a strong marketing team, complete with members who want to showcase your brand in the best light. We’ve come up with some ideas for your business to integrate to keep your marketing team unified and working towards the same goals.

Set Clear Objectives

Mission and vision. Every business has them. It is how you relay these objectives to your marketing team that makes an impact. Define a mission statement that highlights your company’s main principles and incorporate it into every aspect of your business. For example, turn a white wall into a mural that displays the mission statement. Or place encouraging phrases throughout the office. Here at Boston Digital, we have an entire wall dedicated to inspirational quotes that are great reminders to challenge ourselves every day. If team members are in-tune with the mission and objectives of your company, it can unify and spark excitement across the board.

Encourage Brand Exposure

Excited employees are ideal brand advocates. Oftentimes, sales teams receive promotional items or giveaways for conferences or events. Your marketing team deserves the same treatment. Supply your marketing team with branded products and promotional items. With these logo items, marketing members can share your company’s mission and promote the brand they love.

Furthermore, allow marketing members to attend conferences and events together. By exposing the team to these learning opportunities, they will stay on top of digital trends and be excited to implement new tactics into their own marketing efforts. They will be free advocates for your brand to the outside world if they love the work they do, the company they represent, and the opportunity to learn more.

Equip Your Team

Empower your marketing team with the tools they need to succeed. These could include tangible items or intangible concepts. For instance, structure a template for letterheads, presentations, or white papers. This can ensure that all designs stay consistent with the brand. You could also assemble a style guide. This is a great tool to organize brand assets such as, logos, color palettes, and writing styles, so that every team member stays aligned with the company standard. Your marketers will appreciate a variety of tools available to streamline their processes, which can tie everyone together for every project.

Share Company Updates

Keep marketing teams connected to the business by communicating recent brand updates. Oftentimes, the marketing team aids in attracting new customers, but aren’t always a part of the end-product. Try to keep marketing in-the-loop with projects from start to finish. For instance, at Boston Digital, we send out a company-wide email once one of our clients has a new website launch. By communicating to the entire company, marketing can see how they contributed to a project and how it impacted the business, ultimately exciting them for future projects.

Highlight Individual Strengths

People want to be wanted. In marketing, there are several avenues to flourish in. Some marketers prefer to work with numbers, while others enjoy writing, or even artistic design. Use the strength of each individual to create a strong team environment. During a team meeting, let the designer lead the new creative project, and designate others to help where they can exercise their strengths. By elevating each team member, individuals will feel valuable and excited to contribute to the larger goals of the company.


While assembling a marketing team is easy, building a unified and excited team is a larger task. You want your team to enjoy coming into work every day. The projects they receive should excite them and entice them to want to learn more. Progress is good, and exceeding expectations is great. So, aim to set clear objectives, promote your brand image, give employees the correct tools and resources, voice significant company updates, and highlight the strengths of each team member. With these tactics, your team will become an unstoppable force for the growth of your brand.

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