Digital marketing has become an invaluable resource for B2B companies. It enables brands to generate creative campaigns that capture the attention of audiences and drive user engagement. 

However, it can be challenging for businesses to effectively target other businesses. B2B marketers are tasked with reaching key stakeholders within a brand. These stakeholders have influence over business decisions and can be the bridge that connects your business’ solutions to their business’ needs. 

This is where an impactful marketing campaign can pique the interest of key stakeholders and boost brand awareness. By crafting impactful marketing campaigns, brands can thrive in the ever-changing digital landscape. To highlight a few, we’ve compiled a list of five marketing campaigns that grabbed our attention. 

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1. Slack

            8 million people use Slack every day to communicate, share files, and unify their team. To publicize its values and boost brand awareness, Slack introduced a video marketing campaign that adds a twist to the typical workplace environment.Throughout the video, animals are personified as employees working in the office and complete tasks in the way that represents their animal traits. For instance, a sloth types slowly on a keyboard and a lion leads the pack and sends everyone a message. By applying this personification, Slack effectively illustrates that its service is universal for any workplace. 

2. MailChimp

With over 3.5 billion searches a day on search engines, spelling errors are an inevitable occurrence. MailChimp acted on this tendency and used a range of typos – FailChips, SnailPrimps, and MailShrimp – to start a new marketing campaign. For instance, if a user mistypes MailChimp and writes something similar, they will be directed to a page that expands on this spelling error. MailChimp explains that they would rather show who they are, rather than demand that people spell their name correctly. By bringing users to a different page, MailChimp effectively makes light of the situation and turns the common spelling error into a comical journey. 

3. FedEx

FedEx has made a significant impact on social media – expanding its reach to nearly 95,000 followers on Instagram. To continue captivating followers, FedEx transformed its page into a complete travel experience. For example, photos show FedEx airplanes and transportation vehicles at various locations, such as London, Quebec, and New York. Every post has the FedEx logo present, which helps viewers associate the brand with the destination.By transforming its Instagram page, viewers can see the extent of travel involved with FedEx’s services – turning a standard social feed into a world travel experience. 

4. Tate & Lyle Sugar

           Tate & Lyle Sugar aimed to showcase its brand to new customers, without derailing from its core values. However, after distributing free samples to new audiences that had little return, Tate & Lyle Sugar sought to revamp its marketing campaign. To achieve this, Tate & Lyle Sugar distributed handwritten letters to consumers explaining an upcoming treat that could be expected in the mail. After this teaser, consumers received branded boxes with product samples, brochures, and an automated video to introduce its full product line. This marketing campaign achieved Tate & Lyle Sugar’s goal to build excitement and entice recipients to purchase its products moving forward; and through this effort, effectively increased its return on investment by 183%.

5. LinkedIn

As a professional service, LinkedIn sought a marketing campaign that spiced up its sophisticated brand. To meet this goal, LinkedIn produced ‘In It Together’ to celebrate the success that can be achieved in any profession. The video aims to reach a more diverse audience and illustrate that any profession – from accountants to bakery owners – can join and prosper on LinkedIn. By emphasizing that every occupation is encouraged to use the platform, it gives users an opportunity to build their career and start networking with others. This marketing campaign’s influence was astounding – even achieving a feature at the Golden Globes. By shedding light on LinkedIn’s offerings, people of any profession will feel qualified to have their own LinkedIn profile.


Building an effective digital marketing campaign is a worthwhile initiative for your company. You will gain exposure, showcase your products and services, and highlight how they can be used in other businesses. Brands in the B2B space, such as Slack, MailChimp, FedEx, Tate & Lyle Sugar, and LinkedIn have succeeded in piquing the interest of viewers and driving key stakeholders to their business solutions. With an opportunity to excel digitally, a strategic marketing campaign will show your business in an entirely new light. 


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